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Since gaining the capital of culture in 2008, Liverpool has continually been developed and improved, Liverpool 1 being the major development with the city. Investor confidence is at an all time high and is providing further pushes for development outside the city centre boundaries. Large developments like Liverpool Waters and Liverpool 2 are constantly increasing property values and with the quarterly house prices increasing by 8.5% now is a perfect time to invest. With that said property investment is about recognising the investment opportunity in each property and most importantly where you can add real value.

At Lodge Stone Estates we understand how to make your investment work in the real world, we can put you in touch with landlords who are willing to sell part of their portfolio and then put you in touch with our partner solicitors and insurers to help arrange the deal and we can continue to manage the property once you have purchased it - all for competitive low rates. Additionally we have an ever growing list of willing tenants on a daily basis, proof that the area is increasingly attractive to landlords and tenants alike.

Lodge Stone Estates offers a complete range of services from finding investment properties, to buying, letting and managing your property. From this we will ensure you that you get the best value on your investments whilst providing a completely professional process.

With our own director of the company constantly looking for investment opportunities within the L8 area, not just for profit but also for the regeneration of his local area we have extensive knowledge of what's happening, where it's happening and how it's happening. We are now willing to share our experiences with investors to boost the impact that we are providing for the local area. Most important to us here at lodge stone is the trust, relationship and bond we have with the people in our local community. With this bond in the local area and the local knowledge that we have we are set apart from our competitors. We have personally invested our time and money in the area and as a result we know the secrets to finding a great deal. Furthermore, we have lived and worked in the area for a number of years, we have built up a portfolio of contacts from joiners to electricians and so we have the facilities to help you through every step of the process making the process of becoming a landlord as easy as possible.

Invest in Our Area

As we know large scale investment in an area can really push up property prices and there is significant on-going and planned government and private sector investment in this area. This will mean improved transport links, new schools and the creation of new businesses and jobs for many years to come.

Any investors willing to join us in improving the area will have complete disgression and control of the budgets, decisions like the quality of the kitchen, the layout of the bathroom and the colour of the carpets. With that in said we will use our own experiences and contacts to not only finish the property at a standard we are happy with but also a quality which is acceptable for Class Accreditation.

In terms of looking at the figures with your investment we will be able to arrange for all the legal work, construction work and all after care be it letting or sale of the property. With so little possible involvement in the project you will receive a high yield in terms of your involvement, your investment and your returns.

With us being both property investment entrepreneurs and a property management agency we can provide a high level of after care for you and the property, depending on your requirements we can provide a quick sale to free up the cash invested or we can move a vetted tenant into the premises for a more long term income stream.